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Cincinnati Police Department

This page is not monitored in a realtime basis. If you require police or emergency services, please call 911 or 765-1212.

The Cincinnati Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency for the City of Cincinnati and provides a full range of police services to 52 diverse neighborhoods.  The Department currently maintains approximately 1000 sworn officers and 125 civilian employees.  Led by the Police Chief, law enforcement operations are divided among three Bureaus:  Patrol, Investigations and Support.

Our department is committed to providing excellent police service to every citizen, business owner and visitor. The problem-solving philosophy is our Department’s principal strategy for addressing crime and disorder problems. We strive to increase safety, improve the community’s quality of life and prevent crime through a myriad of collaborative, engaged, evidence-based policing strategies.  Problem oriented policing requires taking ownership of a community as a police officer, a city worker, a social service agent, an outreach worker, a resident, a businessperson, and a property owner.

The Cincinnati Police Department takes pride in continually advancing and encouraging innovative strategies to prevent crime.  We utilize strategic and tactical analysis to focus our efforts on patterns of crime involving specific locations, repeat victims and habitual offenders.  Many of these efforts and strategies have gained worldwide recognition for both the police department and the City of Cincinnati.  More importantly, the problem-solving philosophy has contributed to a strong, cohesive and team-oriented bond between law enforcement and the community.  This ever-growing partnership continues to help decrease crime and improve the quality of life for all.

Vision Statement

The Cincinnati Police Department will be recognized as the standard of excellence in policing.

Mission Statement

The Cincinnati Police Department will develop personnel and manage resources to promote effective partnerships with the community to improve the quality of life through the delivery of fair and impartial police services while maintaining an atmosphere of respect for human dignity.

Core Values
•Integrity: Our actions and relationship with the community are guided by an internal sense of honesty and morality.
•Professionalism: Our conduct and demeanor display the highest standard of personal and organizational excellence.
•Diversity: Our members recognize differences as a strength in our organization and community.
•Accountability: Our duty is to promote public trust by upholding our obligations to the department and community.
•Vigilance: Our responsibility is to be alert to issues and activities impacting our community., is one of several communication tools used by the Department. We are providing information that will include new ways to keep us all connected and informed and will help keep our community safer.

Be sure you SIGN UP with Local businesses can participate in the Business Alert Network. Be sure to select your correct business category when you register so that we only send you alerts that impact your company. You can receive these targeted, instantaneous alerts via email, cell phone, pager and fax.

Neighborhood Watch Groups have their own dedicated pages on allowing you to stay informed about what is happening in your neighborhood. You can receive Neighborhood Alerts directly from the Cincinnati Police Department about crimes or other incidents that are uniquely relevant to you.

Cincinnati Residents can bookmark this page to automatically receive Crime Alerts to stay informed about crimes and other safety issues in Cincinnati and its 52 neighborhoods.

There is no limit to what we can accomplish in the pursuit of a safer Cincinnati if we all work together, stay alert and stay connected!

Additional information can be found on Nextdoor.Com or following the Department on Twitter + Facebook.

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