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Cincinnati Police - District 4
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Goolge map showing latitude: 39.1587 and longitude: -84.4734

4150 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45229


District 4 is responsible for patrolling and policing 10 neighborhoods: Mount Auburn, Corryville, Walnut Hills, Avondale, North Avondale, Paddock Hills, Bond Hill, Roselawn, Carthage, and Hartwell.

District personnel are divided into three uniform patrol shifts supervised by a lieutenant. Additionally, an Investigative Unit, which contains the Violent Crimes Squad and Neighborhood Officer Squad, is responsible for felony and most misdemeanor case investigations. A lieutenant supervises this unit.

The District 4 station has a large auditorium, which is used by the community for meetings and gatherings. This auditorium is also used by the Police Department for meetings and instructional conferences for our officers.

District 4 also includes one of the country's most respected hospitals, the Children's Hospital. People from all over the country, and indeed the world, bring their children here. Attached to the Children's Hospital is the Ronald McDonald House, a residential facility for the families of these children.

Also in this area are two additional hospitals, one being The University of Cincinnati Hospital, which serves as a major trauma center for the Tri-State area.

District 4 has implemented a pilot project with the Hamilton County Adult Probation Department, which is called the District Engagement for Neighborhood Dedication Supervision (DEFNDS). This project combines teams of Cincinnati Police officers and Probation officers to supervise criminal offenders, placed on community control, who reside in, or are found to frequent neighborhoods in District 4. The supervision of these offenders is necessary to make sure there is compliance with the rules and conditions of their probation. This supervision consists of home visits, employment visits, family contacts, confirmation of conduct in the community, determination of associations and executions of arrest warrants., is the primary communication tool for the Department. We are providing information that will include new ways to keep us all connected and informed and will help keep our community safer. Be sure you SIGN UP with Local businesses can participate in the Business Alert Network. Be sure to select your correct business category when you register so that we only send you alerts that impact your company.

You can receive these targeted, instantaneous alerts via email, cell phone, pager and fax. Neighborhood Watch Groups and Citizens on Patrol have their own dedicated page on allowing you to stay informed about what is happening in your neighborhood. You can receive Neighborhood Alerts directly from the Cincinnati Police Department about crimes or other incidents that are uniquely relevant to you. Cincinnati Residents can bookmark this page to automatically receive Crime Alerts to stay informed about crimes and other safety issues in Cincinnati and its 52 neighborhoods.

There is no limit to what we can accomplish in the pursuit of a safer Cincinnati if we all work together, stay alert and stay connected!

Additional information can be found on Nextdoor.Com or following the Department on Twitter + Facebook.

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